What Being Non-Profit Means to Us

Being a non-profit means that we re-invest everything into our students and our program. Our team loves to be able to give everything back to our students that we can. Often that means building our educational programs, such as expanding our engineering lab or developing new foreign language programs; it can also mean creating new experiences for our students, like field trips and social events; sometimes it also means investing in our teachers to make sure they are fully supported in teaching our students.



Letter from the Executive Director | Thursday, December 14th, 2023

Dear YWA Community,

As we head into the holiday break, I would like to thank you for the ways in which you supported the YWA community this year. Whether you’ve volunteered your time, dropped off treats for teachers or spread the word about YWA, thank you - we appreciate you!

We’re honored that you trust us with the education of your child and we see so many ways that a customized, educational approach changes the lives of our students on a daily basis.

During the parent - teacher conferences this year, we heard wonderful feedback from many of you about the positive impact that our teachers are having with our students. Words like "heroes", "life savers" and "the best thing that ever happened to my kid" help us to know that we’re meeting our goals. We even had one student share his highest compliment: “YWA is my Hogwarts.”

Lives are changed when each student is seen, valued, and supported.

Please consider enriching the YWA community by making a meaningful contribution. Your donation has the power to make a substantial impact, offering vital support such as facilitating professional development opportunities for our dedicated teachers, fun social activities for students, and innovative experiential learning experiences.

Additional ways to contribute include corporate matches or gifts of stock. Pairing your gift with a contribution from your company's match allows you to make a greater impact on the lives of our students. And gifts of stock can offer important tax advantages since the donor does not have to pay capital gains on the stock donated and can deduct the full value when transferred to YWA.

However you choose to give, we thank you for your consideration. We hope this will be a very special holiday season for you and your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you in 2024.



Jed Miley
Executive Director
Head of School